Competitions & Awards


Prize winners for the 7th Mae and Irving Jurow International Harpsichord Competition are Nadja Lesaulnier (second prize), Jia Lim (second prize), Mark Edwards (third prize) and Mo-ah Kim (Jurow prize for a promising non-finalist). No first prize was awarded. The judges congratulate all contestants for their fine performances.

The Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society has an impressive history of performance and composition competitions.  Please see below for details on the performance competition, which has served as a prominent channel for rising young harpsichordists to launch their professional performing careers, and on the composition competition, which has been a crucial vehicle for developing lively new repertoire for early keyboards.

Aliénor Harpsichord Composition Competition

Jurow International Harpsichord Competition

Both the Midwestern and Southeastern Historical Keyboard Societies have scholarships for eligible students to attend the annual meeting on a given year.

To defray costs for attending, The Bechtel Award and the Martha Clinkscale Scholarship are presented annually to promising students with an interest in early keyboard instruments. Anyone between the ages of eighteen and thirty who is currently learning to play, build, or otherwise expresses interest in any early keyboard instrument (organ, harpsichord, clavichord, fortepiano, etc.) is eligible to be nominated for either award. Candidates must be nominated by a teacher, professor, mentor, or other suitable person. A statement from the applicant stating his/her interest and aspirations, together with a confidential letter of recommendation from the nominator will constitute an application. The committees reserve the right not to grant an Award at their discretion, for example, if no suitable candidates are presented, or if sufficient funds are not available. These funds will partially underwrite the costs of student attendance at the meeting/festival.

The Bechtel Award

Martha Novak Clinkscale Scholarship