: Antiqua / Nova - Session 1

Wednesday, March 21


Session 1:  Of Virginals, Muselars & Clavisimbalums

Frances Conover Fitch

Peter Dewitt :: Lecture/Recital: Music for Muselar?

Tom Strange :: Paper: Recreating the Clavisimbalum of the Minden Cathedral Altarpiece

Charles Metz :: Lecture-recital: A 1590 Italian Virginal by Franceso Poggi






Eiji Hashimoto Lecture

Eiji Hashimoto Lecture

Dinner Presentation

  Eiji Hashimoto, CCM Professor Emeritus of Harpsichord

  speaking about his upcoming book, Baroque Keyboard Fingering: A Practical Resource





Opening Concert ::  A Harpsichord Love Fest

Harpsichord by Richard Kingston


Hirabayashi Concerto for Four Ha