: Antiqua / Nova - Session 5

Friday, March 23, 2012

Session 5: Of Spain & Mexico

Joyce Lindorff, Chair

Robert Parkins :: Mini-recital: Cabanilles & the Art of Variation

Marcos Krieger :: Paper:  Manoel Rodriggues Coelho’s “Flores de Musica” and the Anglo-Netherlandish Influence on the Iberian Keyboard Language

Michael Tsalka ::  Mini-recital: Early Keyboard music in Spain and Mexico, from Baroque to Contemporary

Judith Conrad :: Music of Juan Bautista Cabanilles, on Clavichord

Exhibitor Demonstrations

Asako Hirabayashi:  Harpsichord by Knight Vernon

Randall Love:  Fortepiano by Knight Vernon

Rebecca Pechefsky:  Harpsichord by Robert Hicks

Andrew Willis:    Fortepiano by David Sutherland

CCM Tracker Organ demonstration by Roberta Gary