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Past Winners | Historical Keyboard Society of North America

Past Winners

Aliénor Awards 2015 

If there is a place between by  Ivan Božičević (Croatia)
Sonatine for Harpsichord by Andrew Collett (UK)
Martinique by James Dorsa (USA)
Little Monkey Ten Snapshots by Sviatoslav Krutykov (Ukraine)
Three Dances for Harpsichord by Dina Smorgonskaya (Israel)
French Suite by Laura Snowden (UK)

Aliénor Awards 2012

Solo Category Winners

Microgrooves by Ivan Bozicevic
Four Iota Pieces by Thomas Donahue
Mikrokosmicals by Kent Holliday
Six Harpsichord Miniatures by Mark Janello
Night Vision by Janine Johnson
Bela Bagatelles by Glenn Spring

Honorable Mentions

L[a] Petite Vie  by C.J. Darnieder
Industrial Times by Sebastian Petak
Microorganisms  by James Dorsa
Deux Extraits by Raphael Fusco

Vocal/Chamber Winners

Songs of Love & Remembrance by Jeremy Beck
Aliénor Courante by Ivan Bozicevic
Al que ingrate me deja by Asako Hirabayashi

Honorable Mentions

Quickly String the Harp by Daniel Basford
Desert Song by Lynn Gumert

Aliénor Awards 2008

Solo Category Winners

1st place: Jupiter’s Moons by James Dorsa
2nd place: Petenera by Graham Lynch
3rd place: Cascada by John Mayrose

Honorable Mentions

Prelude I, les resonances by Andrew Gustar, UK
Little Suite, and then they are gone  by Edward Gerber, UK
Interludium II from Partita by Pablo Escande, NL
Couperiniana # 1  by Kent Holliday, USA
Prelude #4  by Janine Johnson, USA
La  Rejouissance  # 3  by Philip Underwood, UK
Millennium Preludes # 4 - Passion by Rudy Davenport, USA
Water from the Elements by Ron McKean, USA
Alpha Prelude #3  by Thomas Donahue, USA
Prelude # IV by  Rachel  Laurin Canada

Duo Category Winners

1st place:  Sacred Harp Dyads (baroque violin & harpsichord) by Ronald McKean
2nd place: Slip (violin & harpsichord) by Alex Shapiro
3rd place:  Auspicious Cranes (violin & harpsichord) by Graham Lynch

Honorable Mentions

Shards (viola & harpsichord)  by William Averitt, USA
Vertigo (clarinet & harpsichord) by Giuseppe di Bianco, Italy
from Pedal Points Twenty-O-Six (baroque oboe & harpsichord) by Jackson Berkey, USA
Fandango (violin & harpsichord) by Asako Hirabayashi, USA

Aliénor Awards 2004

Solo Category Winners

Trifles by Glenn Spring (USA)
Ideè Prix Fixe by Kari Henrik Juusela (USA)
Four Toys by Stefan Thomas (Germany)
Capriccio “Furie del Gravicembalo” by Stephen Francis Yates (Australia)
Sonatina No. 2 by Asako Hirabayashi (USA)
Bulgarian Dance and Fantasy by Paul Whetstone (USA)

Honorable Mentions

Fantasia by Peter Child (USA)
Prelude  by Yuri Ban (Japan)
Some Empty Thoughts of a Person from Edo by Lei Lang (China)

Chamber Winners

Lots by Jukka Tiensuu (Finland)
Sonata Rondo by Robert Greenlee (USA)
Happy Spider by Andriy Zymenko (Ukraine)

Chamber Honorable Mentions

Celeste y Blanco by Adriana Isabel Figueroa Mañas (Argentina)
The Three Graces by Robert Carl (USA)
Tapestry Concerto by Albert Glinsky (USA)