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Andrés Cea Galán: “New Approaches to the Music of Antonio de Cabezón”

John Koster: “The Lyra Celi by Raymundo Truchado, 1625″

David A. Sutherland: “On the Production of Pianos in Florence, 1700-1750”

Calvert Johnson: “Insights into Early Seventeenth-Century Italian Ornamentation and Musica Ficta, Particularly Frescobaldi’s Fiori musicali, from the Torino Tablatures”

Michael D. Friesen: “Christian and John Veltenair, Musical Instrument Makers”

Michael Latcham: “Two Hammerflügel of 1783 and 1794 by Johann David Schiedmayer”

Michael Tsalka: “Daniel Gottlob Türk’s Leichte Klaviersonaten: Their Pedagogical Value 199 in the Formation Of the Late Eighteenth-Century Keyboardist”

Book Reviews: Joel Speerstra, Bethany Cencer, Desmond Hosford, Andrew Willis, Vivian S. Montgomery


Candace Bailey: “Sarah Cunningham’s Music Book: A Manuscript Collection of Music for a Young Girl of Scottish Descent in Savannah, ca. 1840”

David Schulenberg: “J.S. Bach, C.P. Bach, and the Invention of the Concerto for Keyboard and Strings”

Jonathan Wessler: “French influence in the Pièce d’Orgue, BWV 572”

David Pickett: “Exercises in Playing or Deciphering? Problems in Reading the Text of Johann Krieger’s Anmuthige Clavier-Ubung”

Asako Hirabayashi: “A New Interpretation of the English Virginalists’ Ornament Signs”

Thomas Donahue: “Evaluating Historical Stringing Information”

John Koster: “Among Mozart’s Spättischen Clavier: A Pandaleon-Clavecin by Frantz Joseph Spath, Regensburg, 1767”

Book Reviews: Tilman Skowroneck, Stuart Frankel, Maria Rose van Epenhuysen, Candace Bailey, Blaise Bryski

Music Reviews: Alexander Silbiger



Maria van Epenhuyser Rose: “Mozart in Paris: Which Piano is Appropriate for Sonata K. 310?”

Michael Latcham: “Johann Andreas Stein and Anton Walter: A Comparison of Two Piano Makers”

Kathryn Libin: “Mozart’s Piano and Dramatic Expression in the Concert Aria: ‘Ch’io mi scordi di te. . .Non temer, amato bene,’ K 505”

Book Reviews: John A. Rice, Edward L. Kottick

CD Review: Christo Lelie


Michael Latcham: “The Pianos of Johann David Schiedmayer”

Tim Rishton: “The Twelve Harpsichord Concertos of Thomas Chilcot”

Christopher Kent: “Some Georgian Organ Cases of the West of England”

Roland Jackson: “Domenico Scarlatti’s Acciaccaturas and Their Role in the Design of His Keyboard Sonatas”

Book Reviews: Charlotte Mattax, Joyce Lindorff, Edward L. Kottick

Music Reviews: Alexander Silbiger, John Butt, Barbara Reul, Elizabeth A. Harrison


Jenny Nex: “Culliford and Company: Keyboard Instrument Makers in Georgian London”

Grant O’Brien: “An Analysis of the Origins of a Large Franco-Flemish Double-Manual Harpsichord - Would a Ruckers by Any Other Name Sound as Sweet?”

Book Reviews: Robert Klakowich, David Fuller, Nicholas Renouf, Joyce Lindorff, David Schulenberg, David Yearsley

Music Reviews: Robert Klakowich, David Fuller, Alexander Silbiger, Barbara M. Reul, Andrew Willis

Communications: Kathryn L. Shanks Libin


Sabine K. Klaus: “‘Life is a Hard Struggle’: The Viennese Piano Maker Joseph Franz Ries (1792–c. 1862). Life, Patents, and Instruments”

David A. Sutherland: “Silbermann, Bach, and the Florentine Piano”

R. Dean Anderson: “Michel Corrette and the Stringing, Scaling, and Pitch of French Harpsichords”

Reviews: Bruce Glenny, Richard Semmens, Charlotte Mattax, Edward L. Kottick, David Yearsley, William Cowdery, Alexander Silbiger, Robert Bates, David Breitman, Francesca Brittan

Communications: John Koster, David A. Sutherland


John Koster: “New Sources for the Early History of the Clavichord”

Antonius Bittmann: “Handel’s Organ Concertos: Studying Aspects of Ornamentation and Improvisation with Eighteenth-Century Performers”

Denzil Wraight: “Some Evidence for the Use of Brass and Iron Stringing in Italian Keyboard Instruments”

R. Dean Anderson: “Extant Harpsichords Built or Rebuilt in France during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: An Overview and Annotated List, Part 2”

Reviews: Kathryn L. Shanks Libin, David Sutherland, Charlotte Mattax, Max H. Yount, and Bonna J. Boettcher


John R. Watson: “Instrument Restoration and the Scholarship Imperative”

David Chung: “Keyboard Arrangements and the Development of the Overture in French Harpsichord Music, 1670-1730”

R. Dean Anderson: “Extant Harpsichords Built or Rebuilt in France during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: An Overview and Annotated List, Part 1”

Cynthia Adams Hoover: “Exhibitions Celebrating Three Hundred Years of the Piano: A Report”

Reviews: Edwin M. Good, Arthur Haas, Paul Y. Irvin, Edward Kottick, and Ardyth J. Lohuis


Michael Cole: “The Twelve Apostles? An Inquiry into the Origins of the English Pianoforte”

John N. Hunt: “The Blanchets, Parisian Musical Instrument Makers of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries”

John Koster: “Some Remarks on the Relationship Between Organ and Stringed-Keyboard Instrument Making”

Stewart Pollens: “Christoph Gottlieb Schröter, Inventor or Fraud?”

Lance Whitehead and Jenny Nex: “The Three Unique Models of Hass Clavichords?”

Denzil Wraight: “Principles and Practice in Stringing Italian Keyboard Instruments”

Darryl Martin: “The Robert Hatley Virginal and Common Measure”


David Sutherland: “The Florentine School of Cembalo-Making Centered in the Works of Bartolomeo Cristofori”

Candace Bailey: “The Keyboard Music of John Roberts: Establishing a Canon and Provenance”

Laszlo M. Payerle: “The Modulation Theory of Antonio Soler: A Break with Tradition”

Alma Espinosa: “Félix Máximo López, Franz Joseph Haydn, and the Art of Homage”

Reviews: Andrew Willis,William T. Flynn, Candace Bailey, Peter M. Marshall


Tibor Szász: “An Authentic Parisian Source for Mozart’s Piano Concerto in C Major, K. 246: New Ideas on the Questions of Continuo and Cadenzas”

Christopher Kent: “The George Pike England Organ in the Church of Nossa Senhora Do Monte, Island of Madeira”

Stanley C. Pelkey II: “Preludes in All the Keys Throughout the Octave by Samuel Wesley: An Introduction to a Forgotten Keyboard Repertory”

John R. Watson: “A Catalog of Antique Keyboard Instruments in the Southeast,” Part V


John Sheridan: “Gottlieb Nittauff, Swedish Organist: Life, Works, and Context”

Sabine Klaus: “Newly Discovered Documents on the History of Nuremberg Music Wire Makers to the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century”

John Koster: “The Quest for Bach’s Clavier: An Historiographical Interpretation”

Darryl Martin: “The Spanish Influence on the English Virginal”

Reviews: Edward L. Kottick, John R. Watson, William D. Gudger, Cynthia Adams Hoover, David Breitman, Alexander Silbiger, Akira Ishii, Byron Schenkman


Ulrich Leisinger: “Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach as a Keyboard Composer”

Lewis Reece Baratz: “The Basso Continuo According to Jean Joseph Boutmy”

Daniel M. Raessler: “London’s Dancing Dogs, or, The Other Pianoforte School”

C. David Harris: “Kuhnau’s Accentus and its Implications for the Performance of Bach’s Keyboard Music”

Karen Hite Jacob: “The Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society-15 Years of Diversity and Cooperation”

Reviews: Peter M. Marshall, Kenneth Slowik, John Shortridge


John Koster: “Two Early French Grand Pianos”

H. Joseph Butler: “Harpsichord Lessons in the New World: Peter Pelham and the Manuscript of 1744”

Thomas McGeary: “Johann Lehmann’s Fortepiano Tuning and Maintenance Manual (1827)”

André Lash: “Beyond the Preface: Some Thoughts on the Application of Ornaments in the Organ Tientos of Francisco Correa de Arauxo”

Reviews: Richard T. Rephann, Nicholas Renouf, Carol Henry Bates, Keith Paulson-Thorp, Peter M. Marshall, Richard Troeger, Stephen Zank, Jonathan Bellman

Communication: Beverly Scheibert


John Koster: “Foreign Influences in Eighteenth-Century French Piano Making”

Laura Rhoades Smith: “Five Mozart Sonatas Revisited (K. 279-283/189d-h)”

William C. Parsons (compiler): “Early Keyboard Bibliography”

Reviews: Arthur Haas, David Schrader, Elisabeth Wright, Kenneth Slowik, John T. Fesperman, Edwin M. Good, Ulrich Leisinger, Paul Walker, Julane Rodgers

Communication: Denzil Wraight


Calvert Johnson: “Early Italian Keyboard Fingering”

Richard Troeger: “The French Unmeasured Harpsichord Prelude: Notation and Performance”

Michael O’Brien: “The Smithsonian Clavichords”

Reviews: Thomas McGeary, Michael O’Brien, John Nádas, David Schrader, Elaine Funaro


Laurence Libin: “A Unique German-American Square Piano”

Edward L. Kottick: “Basic Harpsichord Acoustics”

Lilian Pruett: “Bonifazio Asioli and Equal Temperament”

John Watson: “A Catalog of Antique Keyboard Instruments in the Southeast,” Part IV

William C. Parsons (compiler): “Early Keyboard Bibliography”

Reviews: Darrell M. Berg, Richard Crawford, Bruce Gustafson, Leslie Ellen Brown

Communications: Peter Williams, Martin B.Tittle, Thomas McGeary


Mark Lindley: “An Historical Survey of Meantone Temperaments to 1620”

David Fuller: “Portraits and Characters in Instrumental Music of Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century France”

Laura Youens: “Liszt’s March Vom Fels zum Meer”

Stewart Pollens: “Early Nineteenth-Century German-Language Works on Piano Maintenance: A Review of Published Information Concerning the Stringing, Tuning, and Adjustment of the Fortepiano”

Thomas McGeary: “Karl Lemme’s Manual on Fortepiano and Clavichord Maintenance (1802)”

William C. Parsons (compiler): “Early Keyboard Bibliography-Discography”

Reviews: William R. Meredith, Alexander Silbiger, Michael Beckerman, Barton Hudson, Peter Williams, Rudolph Kremer

Communication: Caroline C. Benser



Tibor Szász: “Figured Bass in Beethoven’s ‘Emperor’ Concerto: Basso Continuo, Orchestral Cues, or Both”

Lilian Pruett: “Napoleonic Battles in Keyboard Music of the Nineteenth Century”

William C. Parsons (compiler): “Early Keyboard Bibliography”

Reviews: George Lucktenberg, David Fuller, Steven R. Manley, Edward L. Kottick, Yvonne Kendall, Richard Troeger, Linton Powell


Egbert Ennulat: “A Remembrance of Almonte Howell, 1925-1988”

Linton Powell: “The Keyboard Music of Sebastián de Albero: An Astonishing Literature from the Orbit of Scarlatti”

Peter Williams: “Hints for Performance in J. S. Bach’s Clavierübung Prints”

Larry Palmer: “Revival Relics: The First Compositions of the Harpsichord Revival and the First Twentieth-Century Harpsichord Method”

John Watson: “A Catalog of Antique Keyboard Instruments in the Southeast,” Part III

Reviews: Sally Fortino, Charles Krigbaum, Barton Hudson, Craig Lister, Craig J. Cramer, Michael Collins, Harold L. Andrews, Robert E. Eliason


Elfrieda F. Hiebert: “Beethoven’s Fingerings in the Piano Trio in B-Flat Major, WoO 39”

Craig Lister: “P. C. Hartong and Transition in Eighteenth-Century Keyboard Instruction”

Rudolph Kremer: “Clément Loret, a Pioneer of the Nineteenth-Century French Organ Revival”

Brian A. Daw: “Alessandro Scarlatti’s Continuo Realization of Da sventura a sventura (1690): An Analysis and Observations Relating to Late Seventeenth-Century Keyboard Practices”

Reviews: Alexander Silbiger, David Lasocki, Robert Parkins, Rudolph Kremer, Nanette Gomory Lunde, Randall Love, Thomas Warburton


Sandra Mangsen: “The Unfigured Bass and the Continuo Player: More Evidence from France”

Steve E. Sennholtz and Michael Corzine: “A Hill & Davison Chamber Organ of 1837-39”

Ian H. Henderson: “Three Well Temperaments and How to Set Them”

Jane Johnson: “Music Found in a Portuguese Organ Case: A Sonata by Carvalho or Vento?”

John Watson: “A Catalogue of Antique Keyboard Instruments in the Southeast,” Part II

Reviews: Craig J. Cramer, Caroline S. Fruchtman, George H. Lucktenberg, Francis M. Whang, Norman Ryan, William Porter


Karyl Louwenaar: “A Reconsideration of the Rhythmic Interpretation of the Gigue from Bach’s Sixth Partita, BWV 830”

Sandra Mangsen: “Rameau’s Pièces en Concerts”

Lilian Pruett: “Style, Form, Performance: Some Observations on Haydn’s Late Piano Trios”

John Watson: “A Catalogue of Antique Keyboard Instruments in the Southeast,” [Part I]

Reviews: George H. Lucktenberg, Craig J. Cramer, William S. Newman, Kathryn F. Eskey, Sara Ruhle Kyle, Caroline Sites Fruchtman


George Lucktenberg: “The First Three Years of SEHKS: Provenance, Progress, and Promise”

Karyl Louwenaar: “Which Comes First: Sarabande or Air?”

John Watson: “Three Examples of Keyboard Restoration in the Southeast”

Daniel M. Raessler: “Change in Keyboard Touch Around 1800: From Non-Legato to Legato”

John Shannon: “The First and Second Organ Reform Movements: A Review of Their Goals”

Nanette Gomory Lunde: “Israel Gottlieb Wernicke: The Contrapuntalist of Scandinavia”

Reviews: John Shannon, Peter Williams, Peter Marshall, Rudolph Kremer, Stephen E. Hefling